5th Graders Visit Kuehn Conservation

On 23, 5th graders in Mrs. Meggan Jones’ class visited Kuehn Conservation.  Students learned about Paleo Indians and the Woodland Indians that lived in the area.  They were able to try to hunt mammoth and make a fire using tools that these tribes would have used.  The day ended with a look at some burial mounds and learning about how laws were put into effect to protect these sacred areas.

Rowan Forsythe, Moses Apout, Ashlyn Rahmus, Anna Hamling, & Gavin Jones, 5th grade student in Mrs. Jones’ class,take aim as they throw spears at a pretend buffalo.

Students Breanna Girard, Taylor Abels, Salisa Hauber, & Tabitha Lieu work together to make fire on their trip to the Kuehn Conservation area.

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