7th Grade Students at South Middle School Become Entrepreneurs!

Seventh grade students in Pre-Algebra at South Middle School have spent time working on a business project. Students had to think of an idea of a new product or service to offer, or make an existing product better. They then conducted some research on the current market and what the need for their product would be. Students created and distributed a survey to their targeted demographic. They then found all three measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode) and determined which average made their product or service look the best. Students researched Daniel Pink’s 6 pitches and created their own pitch or product presentation to the class to try and gain investors where they presented their research. Later this school year, students will be creating their products, writing equations to show profit as well as trying to predict annual sales and so forth. There are even local entrepreneurs coming to speak to the classes as well. If you would be willing to speak to our students, please contact us! Be on the lookout for more information to get involved with their projects later this spring!


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