Comprehensive Boundary Process

Now that the Grant Ragan Elementary School project is underway, the district needs to prepare for opening the building in the 2016-17 school year. When the District opens a new elementary facility, it has necessitated the formation of a committee of parents to review the current attendance boundaries and bring a recommendation to the school board for adjustments. On March 9, 2015, the Board of Education appointed members to the Boundary Committee as presented below.

Formal Board approval of this committee means the same sunshine laws govern the committee as the school board. While these meetings are open to observers, only committee members may participate in the meetings. Two public forums will be held to allow patrons to provide feedback to the committee and board members. The first public forum is scheduled for April 14.

The Board also engaged the services of RSP & Associates to facilitate this process. At the February 23, 2015 Board of Education meeting, Rob Schwartz with RSP & Associates provided the Board with a current enrollment analysis and projection for future enrollment. The presentation included overall enrollment projections, as well as building enrollment projections. The enrollment analysis and forecasting data will be used to help determine the District’s boundary needs.

The boundary study will take place this spring and involve representatives from each elementary building. For more information please visit the Comprehensive Boundary Blog.

To stay informed about the Comprehensive Boundary Process watch for information and updates:


To view a PDF of the Comprehensive Boundary Process click here.

Meetings start at 6 p.m. at Waukee District Office, 560 SE University Ave., Waukee, IA.

Comprehensive Boundary Process
Enrollment Analysis (Consultant analyzes and creates a 5-Year Enrollment Forecast) Fall 2014
Committee Created March 9, 2015
Public Forum – Patron Feedback April 14, 2015 Agenda Minutes
BOE Workshop April 27, 2015
Boundary Committee Meeting #1 (Receive charge, process & enrollment analysis) May 4, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
Boundary Committee Meeting #2 (Boundary Concepts) May 26, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
Boundary Committee Meeting #3 (Refine Concepts to Scenarios) June 9, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
Boundary Committee Meeting #4 (Review enrollment, development trends) September 22, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
Boundary Committee Meeting #5 October 6, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
Public Forum – Patron Feedback of Scenario(s) October 15, 2015  Agenda
Enrollment Analysis (Consultant analyzes and creates a 5-Year Enrollment Forecast) Fall 2015
Boundary Committee Meeting #6 (Review public forum comments-Discuss/Consensus) October 27, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
BOE Meeting (Receive Committee Recommendation) November 9, 2015
BOE Meeting (Approve New Attendance Areas) December 14, 2015

Committee Members

Carl Gausman – Brookview Bridget Montgomery – Walnut Hills Sue Clark – Open Enrolled
Molly Kottmeyer – Brookview Michelle Princehouse – Walnut Hills Bhooshan Karnik – VMLC
Jenny Peterson – Eason Emily Sundet – Walnut Hills Jerry Ripperger – Board
James Stroud – Maple Grove Emily Colwell – Waukee Lora Appenzeller-Miller – District Office
Jamie Jorstad – Shuler Jennifer Smith – Waukee Darryl Downs – District Office
Lina Tucker Reinders – Shuler Cherise Bates – Woodland Hills Erin Glaza – District Office
Dan Gehlbach – Walnut Hills Ann Fredericks – Woodland Hills Cindi McDonald – District Office
Erin Hammond – Walnut Hills Ben Roach – Woodland Hills Eric Rose – District Office


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