38 Division I Ratings at State Speech Contest

At the State Individual Events Speech Contest Waukee and Waukee 9 earned 38 Division I ratings and 11 performers were selected as “outstanding” earning All-State nominations. Those 11 traveled to the University of Iowa on March 25 for the All-State Speech Festival. Congratulations to all of the performers!

All-State Nominations

  • Harold Norris (12th) in Poetry
  • Melisa Jusufovic (12th) in Acting
  • Tyler Schutt (12th) in both Prose and Public Address
  • Rebecca Lienemann (12th) in Lit. Program
  • Jayla Joseph (11th) in Poetry
  • Josh Weber (11th) in Improv
  • Danny Bohlson (10th) in Improv
  • Piper Carroll (10th) in After Dinner Speaking
  • Paige Fahrenkrug (10th) in Solo Musical Theatre
  • and Laynie Walberg (9th) in Poetry



WHS State Individual Events Speech Contest Results

Event Performer Rating
Storytelling Josh Weber 2
Prose Rebecca Lienemann 1
Acting Ayla Schiller 1
Expository Address Harold Norris 2
Poetry Olivia Gorden 1
Acting Paige Fahrenkrug 1
Reviewing Molly Belvo 1
Prose Tyler Schutt 1
Expository Address Anna Albaugh 1
Prose Katherine Shumaker 1
Poetry Jayla Joseph 1
Solo Musical Theatre Paige Fahrenkrug 1
After Dinner Speaking Piper Carroll 1
Acting Sarah Kelly 1
Literary Program Rebecca Lienemann 1
Radio News Kara Smith 1
Public Address Swetha Tunuguntla 1
Radio News Ellie Smith 1
Reviewing Piper Carroll 1
Storytelling Anna Albaugh 1
Improv Acting Danny Bohlson 1
Acting Melisa Jusufovic 1
Solo Musical Theatre Swetha Tunuguntla 1
Spontaneous Speaking Ellie Smith 2
Storytelling Ayla Schiller 2
After Dinner Speaking Meghana Yellepeddi 1
Improv Acting Sarah Kelly 2
Original Oratory Kathryn Shumaker 1
Public Address Tyler Schutt 1
Spontaneous Speaking Danny Bohlson 1
Poetry Harold Norris 1
Literary Program Jayla Joseph 1
Original Oratory Abbi Lesnick 1
Improv Acting Josh Weber 1
Literary Program Holly Rankin 1
After Dinner Speaking Arshi Sajid 1