Making a Difference – September 2021

We are excited to showcase our newest Making a Difference award winners. We are so proud to work alongside all of you! Here’s a list of our recipients for the month of September and the core value they were displaying in our district.

Walnut Hills Elementary

  • Lynette Kohtz, JoAnn Olson, Nicole Germann and Rebecca Fitzgerald – Joy
  • Jacob Harder – Integrity
  • Ryan Kendzora – Integrity
  • Melissa Horton – Developing People

Shuler Elementary

  • Amie Stageman – Developing People

Timberline School

  • Scott Wagaman – Joy

Brookview Elementary

  • Ben Young – Joy
  • Phoebe Tong – Joy

South Middle School

  • Hannah Ludwig and the Art Leaders – Joy

Waukee CSD

  • Shana Olson – Integrity
  • Jessica Wright – Integrity
  • Barb Bartemes – Integrity