APEX Associates Train with Da Vinci Robot

It’s a day all about hands-on experience. Associates in Waukee’s APEX program spent part of a recent class working with the Da Vinci Surgical Robot. Members of the Intuitive Foundation brought the surgical tool to the Waukee Innovation & Learning Center. After learning the background story behind the robot, associates were given a chance to try it out using pennies and rubber bands.

“Having this building and all of the business who want to work with us and give high schoolers this experience is amazing,” says APEX Associate Gabby Howell. “I value it so much.”

“To have a multi-million dollar machine in the building is crazy,” adds Alexis Bone.  “Not a lot of people get to do this.”

“Having this experience opened my doors back into surgery,” shares Samara Galindo. “If I do want to pursue surgery, this gives me an opening of what it would be like in today’s world.”

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