Waukee CSD Recipients of Iowa Governor’s Scholar Award

Iowa Governor's Scholar

Iowa’s top academic students have been chosen by their member schools for the 2022 Governor’s Scholar Program. The Governor’s Office, the Iowa High School Athletic Association, and its title sponsor, the Iowa Farm Bureau, are presenting this recognition which began in 2003. Waukee CSD has four students that were selected, two from Waukee High School and two from Northwest High School.

The 419 seniors being honored have been selected by their high schools as the highest academic achievers. Students receive a photo plaque from the ceremony and a certificate to commemorate their achievement. The largest 64 schools in Iowa, according to the Iowa Department of Education BEDS document, were invited to select two seniors who are the highest academic achievers for their first seven semesters. All other schools were invited to select one senior who was the highest academic achiever for their first seven semesters.

If you would like to view the ceremony or find out more about the Iowa Governor’s Award program, you can visit the IHSAA website by clicking here.

Congratulations to our Waukee CSD recipients!

Iowa Governor’s Scholar – Waukee CSD Recipients

    • Aliki-Ioanna Kassioti, Northwest High School
    • Palin Narsian, Waukee High School
    • Sai Rayasam, Waukee High School
    • Jennifer Robeson, Northwest High School