Seeing Double at Timberline — 9th Grade Class has 14 Sets of Multiples

At Timberline School, the class of 2027 is full of multiples. The ninth grade consists of 13 sets of twins and one set of triplets, taking up 7% of the class. Only one set of twins is identical. When asked if they knew how many others were in the class, many students expressed shock to see such a large group when everyone was brought together.

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class of ’27 multiples at Timberline:

  • Liam and Violet Andrews
  • Alex and Tyler Braksiek
  • Claire and Will Folden
  • Leo and Scarlett Galligan
  • Matthew, Paige, and Will Gausman
  • Reagen and Riley Howe
  • Coyer and Laithan Kalvig
  • Andrew and Ben Peterson
  • Ben and Cate Sauer
  • Nick and Suzy Scott
  • Andraya and Layton Shipman
  • Evan and Lily Stairs
  • Grace and Sophie VanHeuverswyn
  • Ben and Lennon Ward-McLaran

The students shared thoughts on the best part of being a twin or triplet. Reagan Howe responded, “Since we’re both girls, I like sharing clothes,” while her twin Riley said, “It’s fun to have someone to talk to.”

The answers ranged, including having someone to cook for them or having a study buddy. Matthew Gausman added, “Sometimes my brother buys games, so I don’t have to pay for them,” resulting in a laugh from his triplets.

Some siblings even run in the same friend groups. Andrew and Ben Peterson explained that although they play different sports, they often hang out together with a group of friends. Andrew says he enjoys “sharing a birthday…and that [Ben] is just like another friend to be around.”

The students seem to agree that the support that comes with being a multiple is one of the main benefits. “I feel like I have someone I can go to if I need help or someone to talk to,” explained Lily Stairs. Her twin, Evan, strongly agreed, saying that they talk often and find support in each other.

We can’t wait to see all the amazing things these future Warriors will do!