Waukee Leader Receives 2024 Iowa Fine Arts Administrator of the Year

Judi Roland, the associate principal at Waukee High School, was selected to be the 2024 Iowa Fine Arts Administrator of the Year.

The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education (IAAE) and School Administrators of Iowa (SAI) chose Roland for her commendable leadership and outstanding contributions to developing the arts in a school or district. Colleagues nominated Roland, and she met the criteria set by IAAE.

“Congratulations to Judi Roland. Through her remarkable presence, tireless advocacy, and commitment to inclusivity, she has supported the arts programs at Waukee High School and positively impacted the staff and students. Her unwavering support is the applause that echoes through the corridors at Waukee High School,” SAI Executive Director Lise Remy says.

Roland reflects, “My journey in the arts began with the guidance and love of my incredible mom, who taught me to sing and appreciate the positive impact that all music and creativity bring to those who experience it. I have witnessed thousands of young people as they pursue their passions and grow incrementally as human beings. It has been a blessing to work with some of the most talented and dynamic educators along the way. This is not just a recognition of my efforts but a celebration of the collaboration of this entire community in the support of the arts.”

Roland will be recognized at the SAI Annual Conference in August for her contributions to educational leadership.