Timberline School

Student Parking

Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not as a right.  Only licensed freshmen students who have a valid and documented school permit have parking privileges at Timberline School.

Students driving cars or other licensed vehicles are permitted to park their vehicles in the student parking area only, which is designated by signage, and can be viewed on a school-provided parking map.  All vehicles should be parked within stall markers (lines); vehicles must have a line on both sides of the car. Parking is not permitted on curbs, bus lanes, fire lanes, driving or drop-off lanes, visitor parking, handicapped parking, staff areas, walkways, sidewalks, medians, on grass, on snow piles (in winter) or in driveway areas. Parking in these areas may result in the loss of on-campus parking privileges. The District reserves the right to tow a parked vehicle when it is improperly or illegally parked and poses a traffic hazard or an obstruction to the normal movement of traffic or is in violation of said regulations, without prior notification, at the subject’s expense.  Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the operator. Lack of space in the student parking area is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations.

Timberline School has the authority to deny use of the Timberline School parking facilities to parking violators.  Other limitations may be established by the school.

Student Parking and Traffic Flow Map

Crosswalk Map

School Driving Permits

Eligibility Requirements for a Minor School License:

  • The student must have have an instruction permit for at least six months.
  • Must complete an Iowa-approved driver education course.
  • Must have a clean driving record for at least six consecutive months immediately before applying for the minor school license.
  • Live one mile or more from the school.

Applications for a minor school license can be picked up at Waukee District Office, 560 SE University Ave., Waukee, IA 50263.

Approval of a school permit does not guarantee a parking spot on school grounds.

560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701