MGE Fall Harvest Party!

Our Fall Classroom Parties will be held tomorrow, October 26 from 2:30 – 3:15 p.m.  All children are invited to wear costumes during the party.  Parents, it is important that you keep the costumes as simple as possible, with little adult help necessary prior to the party.  We also ask you to send a costume to school with your child that is appropriate for elementary children.  We will not allow the wearing of a costume that portrays violence, bloodiness, gore, death themes, guns, knives, death stars, etc.  Children will not be allowed to wear face paints or colored hair sprays/gels.  Children should NOT wear their costumes to school.  They should bring their costumes in a sack (complete with their name).   Your child will remove his/her costume before dismissal.

We very much appreciate all of the parent volunteers who organize and lead the parties.  Please leave other siblings at home so you can focus on the children in the classroom and fulfill your leadership role.  Thank you!

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