Eason Students Learn to Jump Rope

Eason fourth grade students just finished their Jump Rope unit in physical education (PE) class. PE teachers Dustin Alvine and Shawn Beenken taught students that jumping rope is fun, good for their heart and great exercise.  It is an activity that can be played by yourself, or with many friends.  It is also an exercise that can be performed no matter how old we are.  Students learned the basics of jumping rope, as well as some games and songs to jump rope with multiple jumpers.

Mrs. Abby Teigland’s fourth graders Tabitha Lull, Lauren Gates, Isabella Raymond, Kiara Macklin and Jayden Krout jump rope.

Mrs. Abby Teigland’s fourth grade students Jackson Van Pelt, Blake Nicodemus, Carter Phillips, Evan Nidey and Brett Hazen jump rope.

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