District Launches New Nutrition Software

Waukee Community School District is excited to launch phase one of the new nutrition software.  The nutrition department has updated their systems to PrimeroEdge by Cybersoft Technologies.

PrimeroEdge is a comprehensive, integrated food service management solution for K-12 School Districts. It provides all of the tools required to run a smooth and efficient food service operation. PrimeroEdge is a suite of easy-to-use, highly-integrated software modules.

It may take a few weeks for everything to get up and running smoothly so we ask that students and parents are patient during this transition process. We are confident the new software will benefit the department and satisfy our customer needs and expectations.

What’s New?

The point of sale system has been implemented and features touch screen point of sale monitors that can display the students’ picture as the lunch card is scanned. This will allow for accurate identification of the customer.

The biggest change will be in how parents pay for lunches. Currently when parents deposit lunch money they then have to select where they want those credits to go between breakfast, lunch, or cash. At times this system has caused confusion for parents and they have accidently deposited money to the wrong option. With the new system, all money will be deposited into one account “cash”.

When parents log into RevTrak they will deposit their student’s money into one Cash account. This cash account will fund all lunch, breakfast or a la carte purchases. Parent username and passwords for RevTrak will not change.

Parents often want to know how to set limits on what their child can spend. ParentOnline allows parents to view their child’s nutrition account, monitor/set spending limits, and view account history. Parents will be able to use one sign in for multiple students. Parents must sign in and create an account in order to set limits for what their student can spend their Nutrition money on.

Using ParentOnline

  • Parents/Guardians will need to create a ParentOnline account.
  • ParentOnline website to create account click here.


What’s next?

The next phase to be implemented will be menu-planning modules. Menu-planning modules will provide parents with menus and the nutritional information of all menu items. Menus will be viewable by the month, week (with more detail), and day (with nutritional data for each item).

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