Language and Culture through Technology

South Middle School 8th Grade students in Profe Raasch’s Spanish class are exploring education systems from various Spanish speaking countries. Students have been using iPads and computers to access online websites and databases such as Culturegrams to conduct their research. Some of the information found includes what students from these countries would experience in their education; their day-to-day routines, extra curricular activities, how their school year length compares to ours in the US, and expectations of students and teachers while in school. Students are producing web pages through on their country’s education system in order to make their research more interactive and to share it with world-wide audience. They are also using tools such as Voki ( and Blabberize ( to add a Spanish-speaking portion to their web pages.

May Moreland and Averi Baudler work on entering their research into their website.

Mason Remington creates a Spanish speaking avatar on Voki for his website.

Carly Littlefield, Ben Heidt, and Mitchell Killian create their web pages.

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