Waukee Schools Ranked Third in Iowa’s Top 100 Workplaces

For the third year in a row, The Des Moines Register in partnership with WorkplaceDynames, set out to identify the top 100 workplaces in Iowa. These rankings were based on employee evaluations and survey results. Employees were asked questions like what is most important to them and what impresses them most about senior managers.

In results released by the Des Moines Register on September 22, Waukee Community School District was named the Third Top WorkPlace in Iowa for 2013 in the large employer category. Kwik Trip Inc. was ranked second, with Edward Jones being ranked first. Waukee Community School District was the only school district to make the top 10 rankings with Johnston Community School District ranking 14.

According to WorkplaceDynamics the most successful companies are the ones that employees believe in. Waukee Community School takes a student centered approach to curriculum and encourages innovation and lifelong learning among our employees. Through professional development we offer our teaching staff the opportunity to improve their skills and address student learning needs.  We believe that if we improve teaching skills and teaching practices, then student performance will improve.

Comments from Staff Members

What ways do you find most useful for being informed about company decisions?

  • Administration uses a variety of tools to make sure people are informed. Including, email, Twitter, etc. – TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

  • Emails and Twitter – FOODSERVICE

  • Blogs, district emails, face-to-face meetings, when upper leadership values our input and feels it important for us to hear messages from them directly and in person. – TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

What impresses you most about senior managers at Waukee Community School District?

  • The dedication and time commitment they make towards education in all capacities. – TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

  • That they are still concerned with a child centered approach to learning! I love it! I also feel as teachers, we have the opportunity to use our teacher judgement and our ideas/opinions are respected. – TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

  • Communication and listening to our concerns or ideas. – FOODSERVICE

  • They seem genuinely concerned about needs of students and staff. – ASSOCIATE

What impresses you most about how Waukee Community School District does things efficiently and well?

  • Allowing all teachers to give their ideas and trying new things. Giving information to help teachers and always looking for best practices. – TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

  • We are continually doing new things. We try/complete these things well and in a timely manner. The district holds high expectations and holds the teachers accountable. -TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

  • I am impressed with how well things are managed within such a large school district and are done proficiently. – ASSOCIATE

  • Feeling of community – FOODSERVICE

How does Waukee Community School District encourage new ideas?

  • Encourages new ideas and provides professional development for support. There has been improvement with support and work time to encourage us to implement new ideas. Much appreciated this year! – TEACHERS/COUNSELORS/NURSES

  • Constantly upgrading and improving – ASSOCIATE

  • Waukee Community School District is a leader in the state of Iowa in the field of education. This could not be possible if it weren’t for the District Office encouraging creativity, innovation and taking risks to try new things that put us ahead of others in the area of student learning and performance. – ADMINISTRATORS/DIRECTORS

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