7th Grade Language Arts Perspective Essays

Recently, students in seventh grade language arts studied perspective. The focus of the learning target was to analyze how an author develops and contrasts the points of view of different characters or narrators in a text. Perspective was presented as how a person or character “sees” a situation and how that perspective changes from person to person.  Perspective is influenced by a person’s prior knowledge, background and experiences that he/she has had.  Perspective also affects the way a character thinks, feels and acts in a particular situation.

The students were then asked to apply their knowledge of perspective and write an essay about an experience in their lives that changed their perspective.  Some of the topics that the students chose to write about were the birth of a sibling, learning to play an instrument, learning to play a new sport, getting a pet, learning a new skill, receiving a physical injury, volunteering in the community and traveling outside of the country.

Finally, Miss Sarah Hutchinson worked with the students during art class and discussed perspective in portraits with the students.  The students then created a caricature depicting the features they felt were most prominent.  The students’ artwork and perspective essays can be found on display around South Middle School.

Jack Whitehead and Kiersten Fort pose by completed essays that are displayed throughout South Middle School.

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