Fifth Graders at Shuler Re-create Artifacts from Tut’s Tomb

Fifth grade students at Shuler Elementary have been working hard in the Art Room this school year. They studied the ancient Egyptian mummification process and focused specifically on the canopic jar and it’s purpose. The students concluded a canopic jar is an ancient container used by Egyptians which held significant organs  as a symbol of protection. Ancient Egyptians believed that the canopic jar would help a person get into the afterworld. Fifth graders created their very own canopic jars modeled after images and artifacts from King Tut’s tomb.

The first step of this project was creating three-dimensional sketches focusing on the canopic jar design. The next step was to create forms out of plastic cups, newspaper, cardboard, and masking tape. Once the form was sturdy, the students covered their forms with plaster strips to create a smooth, hard surface to be painted on. The last step was to paint onto the plaster to make the canopic jar look like an Egyptian God or Goddess. The students have really enjoyed the 3D process, learning about Ancient Egypt, and getting their hands dirty along the way.

Shuler fifth grade art projects depicting caponic jars of Ancient Egypt.

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