South Middle School Students Use Technology In the Classroom

Throughout the month of January the students at South Middle School had the opportunity to work with  different technologies in their courses. Eighth grade geometry worked on problem solving skills by creating tessellations through computer programming.  Their objective was to program a computer to draw a shape that repeats to make a specific pattern.  The six grade science classes used a few different digital technologies to create their very own scientific elements.  In 7th grade the science classes worked to solve cold cases through an online “Crime Scene Investigation” process.  They used the online investigation to see if they could identify different parts of the skeletal system.

In seventh grade Language Arts Mrs. Crawford’s classes used the iPads to create different products for their book club projects.  The South Middle School after school technology club, Hyperstream, met twice last month.  The students involved with Hyperstream are preparing to compete in the “Virtual Middle School” competition in which they have to create an educational game through computer programming.  There is also a multimedia part of the competition in which they are creating different digital products that advertise a given scenario.

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