Waukee Theatre Arts Presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream

aMidsummersNightDreamBlue11x17v4The Waukee High School Theatre Arts Department is proud to present the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream on October 9, 10, and 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the Theatre Arts Center at Prairieview School.

This adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic comedy, written by Ken Womble, retains the passion, humor, and magic of the original script as the audience follows the timeless story of four young friends, two men and two women, who are all in love, but with the wrong people.

In an attempt to avoid the harsh Athenian law applied to the privileged royals, the four lovers escape into the surrounding forest. Complications ensue as they venture into the middle of a domestic dispute between the fairy king and queen, Oberon and Titania. The fantasy world becomes a chaotic mix of love potions, mistaken identities, impish spells, and magical interference.

Come enjoy an evening of Shakespearian mischief and merriment on October 9, 10, and 11 at 7 p.m.  Tickets are $6 and may be ordered online at www.seatyourself.biz/waukeetheatrearts or purchased at the door.

Cast List

Egeus/Egea Madison Otis
Theseus Owen Smith
Hippolyta Kassidy Becker
Philostrate Steph Sadoon
Ladies In Waiting Rebekka Bohl
Zoie Green
Lindy Jones
Lysander Ridg Downs
Hermia Taylor Michl
Demetrius Jacob Glass
Helena Maddie Grissom
Oberon Zach Smith
Titania Naomi Gordon
Puck Jacob Roush
Cobweb Brianne Wilhite
Peaseblossom Savannah B.
Moth Brittany Latcham
Mustardseed Zoie Green
Thicket Paige Wilkinson
Sparkle Abigal Otis
Frost Maddie Shelton
Fairy Dance Captain Hailey Buzinski
Fairy Dance Captain Monica Brown
Bottom/Pyramus Trevor Wiley
Petra Quince Katie Amick
Snug/Lion Baylen Martin
Starveling/Thisby’s Mother Zaven Boswell
Snout/wall Victor Soto
Francis Flute/Thisbe Zach Stark
Moonshine Michael Adato
On Stage Musicians: Rose Johnson
Emily Edwards

Crew Members

Stage Manager Rachel Rinehart
Stage Manager Lily Brown
Stage Manager Emily Mai
Set/Run Crew Rhett Hammel
Set/Run Crew Logan Russell
Set/Run Crew Brooks Thompson
Lights Noah Baumeister
Lights Cameryn Daly
Lights Dylan Smith
Lights Alex Fox
Sound Jaret Norton
Sound Cameryn Daly
Costumes Shauna Erickson
Costumes Char Halley
Costumes Rumer White
Costumes Taylor Petersen
Costumes Kristina Bavas
Costumes Kai Cowan
Costumes Emilie Hulse
Hair/Makeup Gabi Gauthier
Hair/Makeup Grace Moeller
Hair/Makeup Victoria Dicks
Hair/Makeup Anna Gilbert
Hair/Makeup laysha hernandez
Props Maggie McClellan
Props Ethan Adato
Props Hanid Valdez
Publicity/Front of House/Social Media Ethan Adato
Publicity/Front of House/Social Media Alex Fox
Publicity/Front of House/Social Media Hanid Valdez
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