TLC Plan Approved = New Teacher Leadership Opportunities for 2015-16

The Waukee Community School District was one of 74 districts in Iowa to be awarded the Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) grant. The district submitted a high-quality plan outlining the vision and goals for teacher leadership in Waukee. The district’s TLC plan was approved by the Department of Education in December and will go into effect for the 2015-16 school year. The plan supports and enhances the great work currently underway in the district.

Waukee’s TLC Vision:

The Waukee Community School District’s TLC vision is to improve student learning and influence a culture of leadership through the expertise of highly effective teachers, collaboratively engaged in job-embedded professional learning. Implementation of the TLC plan will strengthen the district’s mission, “Dedicated to optimizing individual learning and potential for success in a global community,” which serves as the foundation and catalyst for the work of the district.

Waukee’s TLC Goals:

Implementing the plan with fidelity is essential to fulfilling our district’s TLC vision. The following five goals will guide the implementation and transform teacher leadership to improve student learning in our district:

  1. Provide leadership opportunities that reflect the aspirations of highly effective teachers and promote innovation within the profession.
  2. Improve support for new teachers through a comprehensive mentoring and induction program dedicated to co-creating high-quality classrooms through collaboration and coaching.
  3. Strengthen implementation of curriculum, quality instruction and assessment practices to improve student learning.
  4. Support teacher leaders in becoming champions of professional growth for all teachers.
  5. Promote collaboration and learning within the district, community and state.

Waukee’s TLC plan enhances the mentoring and induction program for new teachers with the addition of instructional mentors, creates new curriculum leadership roles to support implementation of the Iowa Core, and expands the existing instructional coaching program. The four teacher leadership opportunities outlined in the plan include:

  • Instructional Coaches/Strategists
  • Instructional Mentors
  • Building Mentors
  • Curriculum Leaders

These roles allow an increasing number of teachers to utilize and develop leadership skills as they build capacity collaboratively with peers, plan and deliver professional learning, and promote student learning across the district.

For more information about the district TLC plan, please contact your building principal or a member of the School Improvement Team. For information regarding the statewide system, visit the IA Department of Education.

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