South Middle School 7th grade science

Students in Mr. Poppinga, Mr. Langel and Ms. Kuehl’s 7th grade science classes have been learning about some very interesting topics throughout the school year. We started off the year learning about physical science specialties such as: balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, motion and the effects of electricity and magnetism. Then we moved into the space science subjects such as: eclipses, phases of the moon and the sun’s energy/tilt of the Earth. Finally, we will finish up with the human body systems such as: circulatory system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, digestive system and genetics.

We have had the pleasure to do many fascinating labs from pig heart dissections to creating batteries from lemons. Students typically love the lab experience and enjoy the hands-on learning. Any time we can incorporate a lab or interactive activity into the lesson, it is usually well received by the students. Many days, the students use the iPads to read articles, watch science clips, listen to podcasts, see important diagrams, use interactive websites, etc. We try to incorporate as much technology as we can into our classrooms to differentiate multiple learning styles for each and every child.

The students had an opportunity to participate in a CSI activity in the computer lab. Mrs. Mueller, our computer teacher, created a lab where the students had to solve four cold cases by reading the profiles of each case and then trying to determine what age, gender, height and other characteristics they could unravel. The students had a great time trying to figure out these different cases. The chicken wing lab was a great way for students to see some important structures such as tendons, ligaments, bones, fat and epithelial tissue.

In the near future, students will learn about the digestive system and participate in a lab using household items such as panty hose, sandwich bags, Dixie cups, water and graham crackers. These items will help represent how food passes through the different organs of the digestive system from mouth through elimination. While learning about the nervous system, the kids will have an opportunity to dissect a sheep’s eye. The students will be able to identify the lens, cornea, sclera, retina and optic nerve.

These are a few of the labs that the 7th graders perform in the second semester. It has been a wonderful year in science and Mr. Poppinga, Mr. Langel and Mrs. Kuehl feel that the children have done a great job of learning about their bodies through lab experiences.

We hope that our students have enjoyed science class this year and found science to be fascinating. We hope all of our children have learned many new things about their world and universe by investigating how things work and making hypothesis about every day problems and then trying to solve those problems by using the scientific method.

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