Board Approves 2015-16 School Budget

The 2015-16 school budget was approved at the April 13 Board of Education Meeting. State law requires the adopted budget to have final Board approval and be certified to the levying bodies prior to April 15 of each year.

The District published a budget using a 4% state supplemental aid (SSA). Because the state legislature has not set supplemental state aid, the District published a “not to exceed” tax rate of $16.84597. Once the tax levy is set it cannot be increased. Setting the SSA at 4% allows the District to bring the tax levy down to where it will actually be, if the SSA is set lower than 4%.

If the Legislature does not act, the SSA defaults to 0%. A 0% or even 1.25% SSA will cause Waukee Community School District to spend more than it takes in for 2015-16. The District will need to reduce programming in the 2016-17 year in order to reduce expenses. That means that there will be teaching positions and the related programming that will be cut.

The Board asks parents and businesses to talk to legislators. If the State doesn’t fund schools there will be program cuts in the future.

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Waukee Community School District Budget FY16




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