District Holds First Comprehensive Boundary Public Forum

On April 14 Waukee Community School District held its first Comprehensive Boundary Public Forum in the Prairieview Library, 655 SE University. About 65 attended the forum that was facilitated by Rob Schwarz of RSP & Associates.

This was the first step in the Comprehensive Boundary Process that will redefine Waukee Community School District’s attendance boundaries and allow for a balanced feeder system.

The evening included discussions around enrollment projections, facility needs, financial information, boundary criteria and an opportunity for public input. Schwarz identified three key items about the District that should be considered throughout the process:

  1. Enrollment is projected to increase over the next five years –nearly 2,500 students (450 to 600 student increase annually)
  2. Capacity Concerns:
    • With existing elementary attendance areas capacity pressures will occur at some point in the next five years at Eason, Maple Grove, Shuler, Walnut Hills, and Woodland Hills
    • High school capacity will at the high school by 2019/20 –however it is not yet fully known if the CAPS programming will increase overall high school enrollment
  3. There are significant areas of vacant land that when they are developed will have a drastic effect on future enrollment

Community input included small group work where stakeholders were asked to review, examine and ask questions about the boundary criteria. Community members were given three dots to stick on the criteria they felt the Board of Education should consider at the April 27, 2015 meeting: Red Dot for most important criteria, Green Dot for second most important criteria and Blue Dot for the third most important criteria.

Boundary Criteria Example (Alphabetized):

  • Contiguous Attendance Areas
  • Demographic Considerations
  • Duration of Boundaries
  • Feeder System Considerations
  • Fiscal Consideration -Capital
  • Fiscal Consideration -Operational
  • Neighborhoods Intact
  • Projected Enrollment/Building Utilization
  • Students Impacted by Boundary Change
  • Transportation Considerations

Those in attendance were also asked to take an exit survey. RSP will be compiling the responses from the table work and exit survey into a presentation to be shared with the Board at the April 27 meeting.

The Comprehensive Boundary Process will include two Board of Education Meetings, six committee meetings and one more public forum. The boundary process has a completion date of December 2015. The first committee meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on May 4 at Waukee District Office, 560 SE University Ave. While these meetings are open to observers, only committee members may participate in meetings.

Continue to look for updates on the boundary work on the District website.

RSP & Associates Comprehensive Boundary Public Forum Presentation

To view a PDF click here.

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