Non-District-sponsored activities/organizations are activities, sports, or organizations that the district does not directly support. The district may support the existence of these activities/organizations, but it does not provide funding or pay for staff involvement, and/or the activity/organization is not officially offered through the district. Many activities/sports exist that encourage WCSD and other area youth to be involved with the goal/hope of encouraging them to participate in District-Sponsored Organizations in the future, but these organizations are not tied to the District in any other way.


Organizations categorized as “Non-District-Sponsored Activities/Organizations” that want to use WCSD branding elements must register with WCSD and follow the Non-District-Sponsored Activities/Organizations brand guidelines. Registration allows us to better communicate with these groups when necessary and helps to keep our district brand usage streamlined while limiting unauthorized use.

We value these activities and their relationship to our district. We also must ensure that participants, families, and the public understand that these activities are not directly sponsored by the District. The following statement must be included on any non-district-sponsored organization website, print material, etc.

This is not a Waukee Community School District-sponsored organization or activity.


Registered Non-District-Sponsored Organizations/Activities have access to a limited supply of WCSD brand elements. If you are not sure whether your organization is District-Sponsored or Non-District-Sponsored, email the Communications Department at for clarification.

  1. Register your Non-District-Sponsored Activity/Organization. You will also sign a Non-Affiliate Licensing Agreement stating you will follow the brand guidelines. Royalty and License terms will be established and agreed upon prior to the final signature by the vendor.
  2. Use and follow the official WCSD brand guidelines outlined in the WCSD Brand Guide. If you are working with an online vendor, contact the Communications Department for specific guidelines for approval.
  3. Use the approved logos, colors, and styles on ALL uniforms, apparel, promotional signs, and any other items that our brand. Limited logos will be provided to non-district-sponsored groups.
  4. Only use vendors who are on the current year’s approved vendor list.
  5. Submit all designs for formal District approval to Communications Department prior to ANY project moving forward. You can email or contact any Communications Department personnel. See contact information in the sidebar.

Register Your Activity/Organization