End of the Year Wrap-Up



As we wrap up the 2021-22 school year it is worth taking a moment to reflect and also to take a peek ahead to the summer. We have had another incredible year here in Waukee. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in bringing this to fruition. I am humbled by our staff for their resilience, kindness, and generosity. I am amazed by our students for reminding me each day why we do what we do and why we choose to work in education. I am reminded as a member of our community that this is truly a remarkable place.

As I attended graduation last weekend for both Waukee and Northwest High Schools, it was such a great reminder that it takes so many dedicated individuals to get a student to the point of walking across the stage. Many of those individuals go unnoticed, but I am hoping each person who has impacted even one of our students can be proud of the role you have played in their success.

I hope in all of this you take the time to care for each other, our community, and support one another as we head into the summer. Waukee is a special place and I want to reiterate how thankful I am for the incredible people we have in our staff, students, and families.

Thank you, and have a great summer!

Dr. Brad Buck

Students Leading the Way

2022 Graduation for Waukee High School & Northwest High School
The Waukee Community School District is proud to celebrate the class of 2022! We held two graduation ceremonies on Sunday, May 22. To view the highlight videos click here.

  • Waukee High School presented diplomas to 332 students.
  • Northwest High School awarded diplomas to approximately 430 students.

Class of 20235 Graduates from Waukee CSD Preschool Program
Our week of graduations continues at the Vince Meyer Learning Center. Approximately 150 students are graduating from our district’s preschool program. We are so excited for this group and we can’t wait to follow their journey in Waukee.  To see the video story, click here.

Facility & Financial Plan

Click here for the most recent Construction Update Video. 


Waukee Schools Natatorium – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 5% completed.
  • Site prep work continues
  • Site utility installation has begun
  • Foundations are being installed

Trailridge School – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 41% completed.
  • Georgetown Pkwy is nearing completion
  • Athletic complex foundations have begun
  • 2-story academic wing steel structure continues
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues throughout

Sugar Creek Elementary – New Construction

  • Project is approximately 93% completed.
  • Interior finishes are wrapping up.
  • Final cleaning has begun throughout
  • Furniture continues to be delivered and assembled

Upcoming Summer Break Projects:

  • Brookview, Eason, and Maple Grove Elementary Playground Improvements
  • Waukee Middle School East Bus Lane Improvements
  • Waukee Middle School West Parking Lot Improvements (City of Waukee)
  • Timberline Stadium Outdoor Batting Cages
  • Waukee High School Gymnasium Scoreboard Improvements
  • Waukee High School Baseball & Softball Scoreboard Improvements

Projects nearing completion or complete from our plan:

  • Timberline Stadium – Phase #1 & #2
  • Brookview Elementary – Addition
  • Prairieview School – Addition
  • Eason Elementary – Addition
  • Northwest High School

A Culture of BelongingYour Voice

Mental Health Resources

Finding Help: Have you noticed a change in your child’s mood or behavior? Has your child’s behavior become too challenging to manage on your own? Click on the guide below for answers on where to get started. Bookmark the resources below so you can find them if the need arises.

Local Resources for Children with Mental Health Needs

Equity & Belonging

If you are interested in collaborating on this work, join a workshop! Visit our culture of belonging page on our website to sign up. Also, follow us on Instagram @wcsdequity.

Strategic Plan

As we wrap up our school year, our Strategic Plan has been implemented and is in full swing including;  Core Values, Vision, Mission, and Portrait of a Graduate. We will continue to work towards our goals to better serve our students, staff, and community.

One Mission. One Vision. One Waukee.


Free & Reduced Meals

Waukee Community School District has made it easier for families to apply for free or reduced-priced meals. Parents or guardians can now apply and submit online in minutes anytime using an internet-enabled computer. Eligibility criteria for Free and Reduced Meals can be found here. All applications will be processed online. If you qualify for Free & Reduced Meals, you may also access: