Year 3

Formal Observation Process for Year 3 Newly-Standard Licensed Teachers

The principal will formally observe the year 3 teacher in the classroom at least once using the following procedures:The teacher will focus on 5 additional components and continue moving from Basic to Proficient.  In addition, other components may be observed as collaboratively agreed to by the teacher and the evaluator.

Learning Activities Documentation
Year 3

PDP (collaborative between teacher and evaluator)

1.  Attendance Center Goals: based on

  • Iowa Professional Development Model
  • District Goals
  • Individual Teacher Needs

2. Individual Goal(s)

  • Iowa Professional Development Model
  • District Goals
  • Individual Teacher Needs

Formative Monthly Meeting w/Peers

  • Progress in attendance center and individual goals

Four 2 Minute Walk-Throughs ONE (or more) Formal Evaluations

  • Pre-observation Conference (min. 1 working day prior to observation)
  • Observation
  • Post-observation Conference (max. 3 working days after observation)
  • Formal Observation Cover Sheet is completed (max. 10 working days after the observation). Additional
  • Components
    • 1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
    • 1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
    • 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
    • 3d: Using Assessment in Instruction
    • 4f:  Showing Professionalism

Annual Conference with Evaluator

PDP (from district website)

  • Attendance center goal(s)
  • Individual goal(s) – completed and approved through the evaluator by October 1
  • Feedback from Professional Learning Community meetings and/or mentor.

Feedback from Professional Learning Communities meetings and/or mentor. Carbon copies of walk throughs.

Prior to the Pre-observation Conference:

  • the teacher and evaluator will collaboratively agree on the components to be chosen for the observation. This will include the “additional 5 components” and any other agreed-upon components (could be done in person, or by e-mail).
  • the teacher will complete the lesson plan form and MAY choose to complete all or some of the component questions.

Pre-observation Conference:


  • the components are collaboratively chosen between the teacher and the evaluator, to include the 5 additional components.
  • the lesson plan form and “conversation/discussion” questions
  • the component questions related to the agreed-upon components (teacher may complete in writing and/or be prepared to discuss). Artifacts must be brought to the conference to support components not observed in the lesson (typically those components in Domains 1 and 4)
  • Evaluator will provide the teacher with copies of element level rubrics.

Prior to the Post-observation Conference:

  • the teacher self reflects on Danielson rubrics that align with components chosen for the observation.  Rubrics completed at the element level.
  • Evaluator completes the same rubrics at the element level.

Post-observation Conference:

  • Discuss results of teacher and evaluator rubrics as well as develop a plan for continued growth.

Following the Post-observation Conference:


By April 30, the principal will make one of the following recommendations to the Superintendent:

  • The teacher has performed at a proficient levelof performance, or above, in 12 of 15 components, has no Unsatisfactory performance marks, and isshowing growth, and should be offered a continuing contract in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 279.  In addition, the teacher has met the expectations for the annual conference as defined in years one and two of the initial license.  The teacher now moves to Career Teacher Year 1.
  • The teacher has been unable to meet the expected level of performance in the components and/or the annual conference expectations and a continuing contract will not be offered.
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