We welcome and encourage volunteers in our facilities! Volunteers help our District build strong partnerships with students, parents, the community, and businesses. Our volunteers are viewed as role models who help create a progressive and inclusive school program.

The safety of our students and staff is our District’s top priority. For that reason, all prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer form. The form takes about five minutes to finish and must be done before volunteering with our District.

2023-24 WCSD Volunteer Form

Once you complete the volunteer form, you will be allowed to volunteer at any Waukee Community School District facility for the school year. Volunteers will work in a non-paid function, serving under the discretion and supervision of WCSD professional staff. Please remember, even after you are approved, you will still need to bring your driver’s license to enter the school. It’s a requirement to scan all visitors through our visitor management system, LobbyGuard.

If you are applying to be an activities/athletic volunteer, you must complete and submit an employment application for the vacancy.

Volunteer Background Check Requirements

  • A volunteer who is working one-on-one with a student.
  • A volunteer who is working with limited supervision or alone with students.
  • Visitors who will be among students during the school day (i.e., sitting with a child at lunch).
  • A volunteer who is accompanying students on a field trip.
  • Procedure: If you fall within one of these areas, please complete a volunteer form before the opportunity. Once approved, your name will appear on WCSD approved volunteer list and HR will send a background check form for you to complete. If you’re not approved, you’ll be notified by the District HR department.
  • Visitors who stay in the office.
  • A visitor who attends our school for activities open to all parents of an entire school classroom. (i.e., concerts, classroom open houses)
  • Procedure: Please check in at the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

To volunteer at a specific school, please contact the building directly after completing the volunteer form.

To ensure the safety of all students, WCSD requires any non-employee who has access to students and the school building during the school day to comply with the School Board Policy.

If you are approved, you will be placed on the approved volunteer/visitor list for our staff. If you have not been approved, you will either receive a letter requesting the detailed police report related to your arrest, or you will be provided a letter indicating you have been denied approval.

While a court might determine the conduct was not illegal, some individuals do not receive a conviction as a result of technicalities of the law and/or if charges are dropped. In some of these circumstances, the individual actually committed the illegal act but is not being held legally responsible. Therefore, the actual conduct of the individual, particularly for an arrest related to an act of aggression, is reviewed as documented in a police report and a decision is made to ensure student safety based on the conduct, not the conviction.

Background checks are conducted every year.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the principal of the school where you wish to volunteer.

If you have any additional questions about volunteering with Waukee Community School District, contact Kaleb Streigle at 515.987.5161 x12440 or kstreigle@waukeeschools.org.

*Volunteers may be limited due to health and safety measures. The district reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding volunteers and visitors.