This FAQ was created to help answer questions about Waukee Community School District’s 10-year Facility and Financial Plan.

If you don’t see an answer to your question below, please contact us.

It will be a combination of the SAVE extension, not taxpayer dollars, PPEL, GO Bond, and cash reserves.

We recognize the need in our community. The next steps will be to purchase land and we are currently looking at options. We will not have funding until 2021, as long as the Bond Referendum passes, similar to the middle-level buildings.

We are expanding to allow for even section sizes to flow through the building – for example, five sections already are in place. We are allowing for a normalized capacity of students.

  • Common spaces of the buildings – lunchroom, gym, hallways
  • Equity of band room
  • Some students are not able to attend their neighborhood school

Each year we analyze enrollment projections and base future building needs on those projections. When we open a building, attendance boundaries need to adjust accordingly. In 2020, K-12 boundaries will be modified/adjusted to best serve our student population. The opening of Elementary #10 will impact surrounding elementary schools, as well as high school feeder patterns.

We will continue to assess enrollment projections and evaluate land purchase opportunities.