Waukee Community School Districts offers items that can be purchased separately from a set meal, a la carte. A la carte purchases are an additional cost to the reimbursable breakfast or lunch meals. These items are also not included with a  free or reduced-price breakfast or lunch and must be paid for separately.

How to Set Restrictions

Parents/Guardians have the ability to set purchasing restrictions and/or remove the ability to purchase a la carte items. SchoolCafe can be used to keep up to date on your student’s school menu, purchase history, current account balance, and to set a la carte purchase restrictions.

  1. Go to schoolcafe.com/WCSDNutrition or download the free SchoolCafe app to your mobile device and create an account.
    • It is very important to remember your Username & Password.
    • If this is your first time logging in you will need to add your student by entering your student’s name and ID number.
  2. To set restrictions on a la carte purchases, click on “Purchase Restrictions” under your student’s information.
    • Restrictions can be set by a dollar amount per day or by an item number limit per day.
    • At this time, the software is unable to restrict by item type (chips, drinks, etc.), so we encourage you to have a conversation with your student about making the choices you deem appropriate.


Milk $0.50
Juice Cups 4oz $0.50
Juicy Juice Boxes $0.70
8 oz Water (elementary only) $0.70
String Cheese $1.00
Yogurt, Danimals $1.00
Cereal Bar, Cereal Bowl $1.00
Cinnamon Rolls $1.60
Long Johns Donuts $1.60

Apple Bosco Stick: $1.00

Big Daddy Pizza Slice: $2.70

Fresh Fruit Cup: $2.50

Fresh Whole Fruit (Banana/Apple): $1.00

Hard-Boiled Egg- Seasoned Egg: $1.00

Hummus w/ Pita Chips – Snacker: $2.50

Lunch Entrée (6-8): $2.95

Lunch Entrée (9-12): $3.05

Munchable: $3.00

Nachos: $2.00

Pretzel with Cheese: $2.00

Rockin’ Caesar Salad – Packaged: $2.60

Tornados: $2.00

Warrior Snacker: $2.50

Wraps: $2.70

Yogurt Parfait: $2.50

$.75 Snacks
Cracker, Cheez-It
Cheddar Goldfish
Grahm Snacks, Scooby Snacks
Sunflower Seed Honey Roasted
$1.00 Snacks
Animal Crackers
Chex Mix Cheddar
Chex Mix Strawberry Yogurt
Fruit Roll Up, Crazy Colors
Fruit Roll Up, Blastin’ Berry
String Cheese
Nutri Grain Apple Cinnamon
Nutri Grain Blueberry
Nutri Grain Strawberry
All Cereal Bowls
All Ceral Bars
Pop Tarts
Hardboiled Egg
Fresh Whole Fruit
Yogurt 4 oz
Yogurt, Danimals
Ice Cream, Sandwich
Ice Cream, Fudge Bar
Ice Cream, Johnny Pop Triple Berry
Ice Cream, Johnny Pop Strawberrry
Slushi Cup, Orange Pineapple
Slushi Cup, Blue Raspberry
Slushi Cup, Pomegranate
$1.25 Snacks
Chips, Baked Cheddar/Sour Cream
Chips, Cheetos Baked
Chips, Cheetos Flamin Hot Crunchy
Chips, Doritos Sweet Chili
Chips, Doritos Cool Ranch RF
Chips, Doritos Nacho RF
Chips, Lays Baked BBQ Crisp
Chips, Lays Baked Sour Cream & Onion
Chips, Lays Baked Plain
Chips, Kettle Plain
Chips, Kettle Jalapeno Cheddar
Chips, Kettle BBQ
Chips, Kettle Salt & Vinegar
Chips, Baked Tostitos
Rice Krispie Treat
Benefit Bars French Toast
Benefit Bars Oatmeal Choc. Chip
Benefit Bars Banana Choc. Chunk
Otis Spunk Blueberry Muffin
Otis Spunk Banana Muffin
Otis Spunk Double Cho. Muffin
Packaged Cookes
Slushi Cup, Orange Pineapple Slushi
Slushi Cup, Blue Raspberry
Slushi Cup, Pomegranate
Ice Cream, Vanilla Fudge Swirl
Mini Cinis (Cinni, Bagel, Crescent)
Long Johns Donuts
Mini Chocolate Donut
Mini Powdered Donut
Cinnamon Rolls
Apples w/Caramel Dipping Sticx
Beef Jerky, Original
Yogurt Parfait
Hummus w/Pita Chips-Snacker
Warrior Snacker
Big Daddy Pizza Slice
Rockin Caesar Salad Packaged
Fresh Fruit Cup
Warrior Snacker


Beverages Price
Accelerator/Caffeine $2.50
AE Milk 12oz $1.50
AE Juice 12oz $1.50
Capri Sun $1.00
Juice Cups 4oz $0.50
Naked Juice $2.75
Polar Seltzer $1.00
Tropicana Juice $1.50
Sparkling Ice Water/Caffeine (9th-High School) $2.00
Sparkling Ice Water (9th – High School) $2.00
Diet Snapple $2.00
Snapple Juice $1.50
Soy Milk $1.50
Switch/Izze Juices (Middle Schools) $1.50
Water, Core 20 oz $2.25
Water, 16.9 oz $1.00
Sports Water, 24 oz $1.50