Waukee Community School District (WCSD) has created a brand/logo usage guide with the intent to clarify and maintain the management of official district brand elements/logos.

Brand & Logo Guides

District Logos

WCSD vert colorThe overall design illustrates how Waukee, West Des Moines, Clive, Urbandale, and surrounding areas come together to create Waukee Community School District. As a district, we honor individual differences, while working together to do what is best for all students. When the five pieces are brought together, they create W’s (Waukee Community School District). Together we create Waukee.

  • Waukee purple signifies the district’s history.
  • Chartreuse green represents district innovation.
  • Gray symbolizes our focus on fiscal integrity.
  • Light purple conveys the district’s ability to grow and adapt with the community.

Waukee APEX Logo

WCSD APEX LogoThe standard “Waukee Purple” is included to signify its affiliation with Waukee. While the chartreuse green shows the innovative elements of APEX. The overall design of the logo includes a metaphor as well. The lower left triangle of the X represents a student as he or she enters the program. The two top and bottom triangles of the X are business and community coming together with the student to collide in the middle, emerging with the top right green triangle that represents the transformed student.

Waukee High School Activity Logos

WHS Activity LogosOur students are warriors excelling in the comprehensive programming we are able to offer all students in the areas of academics activities, arts, and athletics. The Waukee “W” represents tradition and “The Waukee Way” which includes quality, caring teachers, dedicated staff, and supportive families. The spirit of a Waukee Warrior can be defined by the drive and will it takes to succeed in life. The mascot represents the intensity, pride, and passion of a Waukee Warrior.


Northwest High School Activity Logos

Northwest Wolf LogoThe brand’s primary mark is the Northwest Wolf. The mark combines a stylized compass pointing to the Northwest with the head of a snarling wolf. Together they embody the leadership and excellence of our students and faculty.