Showing staff members with last name starting with the letter B
Zymrije Baftiq
Photo of Wendi Baggett
Wendi Baggett
Photo of Lindsay Bahnsen
Lindsay Bahnsen
Photo of Amanda Bahnsen
Amanda Bahnsen
Photo of Laura Bailey
Laura Bailey
Photo of Becky Bailey
Becky Bailey
Special Education Associate
Raghdah Bajbouj
Special Education Associate
Photo of Azim Bajramovic
Azim Bajramovic
Photo of Zajim Bajramovic
Zajim Bajramovic
Jericho Baker
Language Arts Teacher (8/9)
Heidi Baker
Student Services Secretary
Trailridge School
Photo of Gabe Bakker
Gabe Bakker
Head Football Coach, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Hilary Bakker
Danielle Bakker
Photo of Andrea Baldwin
Andrea Baldwin
Language Arts Teacher
Trailridge School
Alec Baldwin
Boys Assistant Track Coach, Assistant Cross Country Coach
Kristie Baldwin
Photo of Angie Ball
Angie Ball
Angela Baney
Special Ed Associate
Trailridge School
Brett Barber
Facility/Intramural Supervisor
Blake Barnett
Photo of Derek Barnhouse
Derek Barnhouse
Assistant Principal at Brookview
Photo of Beau Barrett
Beau Barrett
Hali Barrett
Assistant Child Care Site Supervisor
Photo of Melissa Barrie
Melissa Barrie
Social Studies Teacher
Trailridge School
Photo of Douglas Barry
Douglas Barry
Jennifer Barry
Photo of Barbara Bartemes
Barbara Bartemes
Accounts Receivable Specialist
District Office
Photo of Arati Barve
Arati Barve
Photo of Kari Battles-Brown
Kari Battles-Brown
Kevin Bauman
Photo of Steven Baumeister
Steven Baumeister
Photo of Aileen Bavas
Aileen Bavas
Sean Bealer
Assistant Baseball Coach
Photo of Erica Beals
Erica Beals
Benjamin Bean
District Office
Photo of Frances Beavers
Frances Beavers
Photo of Alyson Bechtum
Alyson Bechtum
Senahid Becirovic
April Beck
Special Education Associate
Mia Beck
Photo of Tanya Becker
Tanya Becker
Special Education Associate
Photo of James Becker
James Becker
Special Education Associate
Photo of Kathryn Becker
Kathryn Becker
Hannah Beeler
Special Education Associate
Photo of Mallory Beenken
Mallory Beenken
Photo of Shawn Beenken
Shawn Beenken
Vardhinee Vanajeswari Beeseety
Photo of Kristin Beeson
Kristin Beeson
Nicholas Behrends
Photo of Alissa Beisner
Alissa Beisner
Craig Belden
Facility Supervisor
Angie Bell
Secretary - Student Services
Emily Bemis
Photo of Sara Bengfort
Sara Bengfort
Photo of Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett
Instructional Data Analyst
District Office
Photo of Amanda Bennett
Amanda Bennett
Photo of Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett
Photo of Jessica Bergman
Jessica Bergman
Photo of Cari Bergman
Cari Bergman
Minavere Berisha
Special Education Associate
Photo of Chris Berry
Chris Berry
English as a Second Language Teacher
Photo of Sara Bertholf
Sara Bertholf
Katie Bertrand
Anthony Beyer
Photo of Paul Bird
Paul Bird
James Biscoglia
Casey Bisher
Trailridge School
Photo of Skylar Bjork
Skylar Bjork
Photo of Beth Bjustrom
Beth Bjustrom
Photo of Lisa Black
Lisa Black
Special Education Associate
Photo of Ryan Blankenship
Ryan Blankenship
Photo of Marilyn Blankenship
Marilyn Blankenship
Dr. Katy Blatnick-Gagne
Career and Technical Education Curriculum Facilitator
District Office
Steven Blaylock
District Office
Photo of Kyle Block
Kyle Block
Physical Education Teacher
Photo of Matthew Blumberg
Matthew Blumberg
Photo of Crystal Bobier
Crystal Bobier
Technology Education - Smart Skills/Technology Teacher
Photo of Deborah Boeck
Deborah Boeck
Nutrition Satellite Supervisor
Photo of Kristin Boese
Kristin Boese
Photo of Nicole Bogaard
Nicole Bogaard
Photo of Mallory Bogenreif
Mallory Bogenreif
Photo of Tammy Boldt
Tammy Boldt
Special Education Associate
Photo of Shelly Boley
Shelly Boley
Photo of Stephanie Bolten
Stephanie Bolten
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Jessica Bolterstein
Madelyn Bonus
Special Education Associate
Photo of Matthew Boot
Matthew Boot
Nutrition Floating General Worker
Photo of Kara Boothroyd
Kara Boothroyd
Jose Borgos
Amy Borkowski
Photo of Steven Bossenberger
Steven Bossenberger
Photo of Brandy Boulting
Brandy Boulting
Full-Time Substitute Teacher
Bentkhoualha Boutzeguart
Kolton Boyer
Photo of Molly Boyle
Molly Boyle
Photo of Eric Boyle
Eric Boyle
Collin Boyle
Photo of Kaylee Braafhart
Kaylee Braafhart
Photo of Kendall Bradford
Kendall Bradford
Photo of Michele Brandenburg
Michele Brandenburg
World Languages and German Exploration
Trailridge School, Waukee Middle School
Photo of Denise Brekke
Denise Brekke
Madison Brenner
Photo of Hilary Breon
Hilary Breon
Asia Brewer
Human Resources Admin Assistant
District Office
Photo of Daniel Briggs
Daniel Briggs
Tiffany Briggs
Photo of Maureen Briles
Maureen Briles
Photo of Karen Broderick
Karen Broderick
Photo of Anne Brodersen
Anne Brodersen
Photo of Tara Broich
Tara Broich
Photo of James Brook
James Brook
Photo of Christine Brown
Christine Brown
Sally Brown
Coen Brown
Chelsea Brown
Sandra Brown
Special Education Associate
Photo of Jessica Bruening
Jessica Bruening
Photo of Anne Brummel
Anne Brummel
Photo of Sarah Brundrett
Sarah Brundrett
Photo of Lisa Brunner
Lisa Brunner
Isaac Bruns
Photo of Traci Bryant
Traci Bryant
Kinzee Bryte
Trailridge School
Photo of Olivia Buchanan
Olivia Buchanan
Photo of Dr. Brad Buck
Dr. Brad Buck
District Office
Grace Buckley
Social Studies Teacher
Trailridge School
Photo of Elizabeth Bulthuis
Elizabeth Bulthuis
Amanda Bunkers
Photo of Christie Burch
Christie Burch
Photo of Joseph Burch
Joseph Burch
Photo of Kelley Burke
Kelley Burke
Photo of Amanda Burkley
Amanda Burkley
Photo of Margaret Burns-Fess
Margaret Burns-Fess
Photo of Brea Burrack
Brea Burrack
Extended Learning Program Teacher
Photo of Travis Busby
Travis Busby
Assistant Principal at Waukee Middle School
Talia Buss
Photo of Laura Butcher
Laura Butcher