Showing staff members with last name starting with the letter G
Tony Gabriel
Stacey Gainor
Photo of Jonathan Galli
Jonathan Galli
Girls Assistant Soccer Coach
Photo of Jennifer Galligos
Jennifer Galligos
Photo of Alex Ganske
Alex Ganske
Business and Financial Literacy Teacher
Photo of Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia
Photo of Patrick Garland
Patrick Garland
Photo of Lori Garlock
Lori Garlock
Photo of Lindsay Garvin
Lindsay Garvin
ESOL Instructional Coach
District Office
Photo of Amanda Gaul
Amanda Gaul
Photo of Pamela Gehrls
Pamela Gehrls
District Office, Waukee High School
Photo of Abigail Geis
Abigail Geis
Photo of Tara Gentile
Tara Gentile
Photo of Linda George
Linda George
Special Education Associate
Photo of Samantha George
Samantha George
Mackenzie Gersdorf
Photo of Jennifer Ghelf
Jennifer Ghelf
Photo of Timothy Gibson
Timothy Gibson
Timothy Gibson
Special Education Associate
Bailey Gilbert
Photo of Joni Gilchrist
Joni Gilchrist
Photo of Nellie Glenn-Allen
Nellie Glenn-Allen
Stephane Glick
Special Education Associate
Photo of Jill Godfredsen
Jill Godfredsen
Photo of Abby Goeller
Abby Goeller
Photo of Russ Goerend
Russ Goerend
APEX Business, Technology & Communications
Photo of Becky Goerend
Becky Goerend
Technology & Communications Teacher, Gateway to Engineering Teacher
Photo of Shawnda Goerish
Shawnda Goerish
Photo of Alissa Goetzinger
Alissa Goetzinger
Math Teacher
Trailridge School
Eric Gold
Photo of Maria Gonzalez de Orellana
Maria Gonzalez de Orellana
Photo of Alejandra Gonzalez Pavon
Alejandra Gonzalez Pavon
Photo of Abigail Gould
Abigail Gould
Nikki Graber
Photo of Katrina Graen
Katrina Graen
Photo of Maggie Graham
Maggie Graham
Special Education Teacher
Shari Graham
Child Care Assistant Supervisor
Kaylie Graham
Photo of Christian Grandgenett
Christian Grandgenett
Photo of Laura Gratias
Laura Gratias
Photo of Rob Graziano
Rob Graziano
Photo of Nate Grebner
Nate Grebner
Nutrition Satellite Supervisor
Photo of Lori Green
Lori Green
Special Education Associate
Photo of Cameron Green
Cameron Green
Dianna Green
Photo of Brett Gregory
Brett Gregory
Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Griesel
Dr. Elizabeth Griesel
Principal at Sugar Creek Elementary
Photo of Faith Griffin
Faith Griffin
Photo of Sara Grigsby
Sara Grigsby
Photo of Melissa Grimm
Melissa Grimm
Photo of Stephanie Groathouse
Stephanie Groathouse
Photo of Kristin Grotewold
Kristin Grotewold
Math Coach
District Office
Photo of Sheena Grove
Sheena Grove
Instructional Mentor
Kristen Guarino
Photo of Sheri Guess
Sheri Guess
Photo of Amanda Guile
Amanda Guile
Christin Gulick
Photo of Michaela Gyure
Michaela Gyure