Shuler Elementary


The Shuler Elementary team is comprised of teachers, associates, and support staff who are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students academically, socially, and emotionally. Staff strive to provide excellent education for students through implementation of current best practices, positive school and classroom environment and continually learning. This is attained through Professional Learning Communities and professional development throughout the year. Teachers work closely with the instructional coach, administrators, and peers to continue to improve and optimize individual student learning.

Shuler Elementary School Transportation: Durham School Services
16400 Douglas Parkway, Clive, IA 50325 General Manager
Phone: 515-987-8597 Phone: 515-987-2788
Fax: 515-987-1536
Beyond the Bell: Doris Steele
Attendance Line: 515-987-2763 Phone: 515-418-5688


Name Email Extension Blog
Leadership Team
Principal – Joel Fey 6652 Blog 
Assistant Principal – Allison Salow 2492 Blog
Instructional Coach – Delaine Miller 6018 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Sondra Dyer 2170 Blog
Guidance Counselor –Jenn Allan 2278 Blog
Office Staff
Secretary- Julie Petsche 6650
Nurse- Chris Buckley 6654 Blog
Lunchroom Clerk – Elvisa Pajic 6659
Joscelyn Miner 2587 Blog
Jessica Bruening 2468 Blog
Kim Coppola 2138 Blog
Amy Rowe 2132 Blog
Aubrey Hill 2835 Blog
First Grade
Katherine Taylor 2469 Blog
Janae Mohs 2588 Blog
Julie Heintz 5310 Blog
Dianne Petersen 2218 Blog 
Tiffany Drucker 2509 Blog
Second Grade
Tara Broich 6117 Blog
Mallory Beenken 6538 Blog
Amber O’Neill 6130 Blog
Julia Roegiers 2258 Blog
Amanda Newland 2592 Blog
Ashley LePera 2848
Third Grade
Josh Abbott 2255 Blog
Emily Buckles 6524 Blog
Rachael Foutch 2830 Blog
Ryan Blankenship 2340 Blog
Christina Schmitt 6737 Blog
Fourth Grade
Sara Grigsby 2833 Blog
Jennifer Stanek 2688 Blog
Kelly Soughan 6545 Blog
Nikki Kennedy 6546 Blog
Kerri Parkhill 6560 Blog
Fifth Grade
Grace Godfrey 2259 Blog
Robin Julseth 6525 Blog
Shawnel Seifried 6548 Blog
Lindsay Taylor 6535 Blog
Amber Allen-Cosimo 6544 Blog
Special Education
Rebekah Cooper 2620
Ruth Ann Hurd 2574
Lindsey Scherff 2520
Kaylee Schulte 2403
Michelle Huber 2108 Blog
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Jenna Swain 6353 Blog
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Trish Casler 6600 Blog
Related Arts
Art – Bailey Wilmes 2613 Blog
Library – Christi Taylor 6572 Blog
Computers – Shannon Fleming 2543 Blog
Music – Jackie Jones 2365 Blog
Music – Allison Hollingsworth 2354 Blog
Band – Elizabeth Studer 2328 Blog
Physical Education – Micah Monroe 2209
Physical Education – Eric Petterson 2674
560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701