Waukee Elementary


The Waukee Elementary team is comprised of both certified and classified staff who are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students emotionally, socially, and academically. We strive to provide a positive learning environment, implement best practice, and continually learn from each other in our Professional Learning Community. Our team is engaged in ongoing professional development both in the building and across the district in order to continually improve our instructional practices and optimize individual learning.

Waukee Elementary School Transportation: Durham School Services
850 6th Street, Waukee, IA 50263 General Manager
Phone: 515-987-5193 Phone: 515-987-2788
Fax: 515-987-5194
YMCA: Joelle Kleihauer
Attendance Line: 515-987-2762 Phone: 515-987-9996
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Leadership Team
Principal – Nicole Johnson njohnson@waukeeschools.org 6302 Blog
Assistant Principal – Cameron Wendt cwendt@waukeeschools.org 2540 Blog
Instructional Coach – Emily Fenske efenske@waukeeschools.org 6052 Blog
Guidance Counselor – Shanlyn Doll sdoll@waukeeschools.org 5209 Blog
Guidance Counselor –Michaela Lightfoot mlightfoot@waukeeschools.org 2375 Blog
Office Staff
Secretary – Liz Seib eseib@waukeeschools.org 6300 Blog
Nurse – Kim Hunt khunt@waukeeschools.org 6304 Blog
Lunch Clerk – Sue Parker welunch@waukeeschools.org 6383
Wendi Baggett wbaggett@waukeeschools.org 6379 Blog
Jessica Drake jdrake@waukeeschools.org 2246 Blog
Mirranda Krohn mkrohn@waukeeschools.org 6349 Blog
Wendy Reed wreed@waukeeschools.org 6376 Blog
Kim Magee kmagee@waukeeschools.org 6366 Blog
First Grade
Amy Etienne aetienne@waukeeschools.org 6323 Blog
Charles Kennedy ckennedy@waukeeschools.org 6322 Blog
Karyn Schulte kschulte@waukeeschools.org 6324 Blog
Holly Schrauth hschrauth@waukeeschools.org 6051 Blog
Sarah Mueller smueller@waukeeschools.org 2581
Anne Tourte atourte@waukeeschools.org 2546 Blog
Second Grade
Amber Chalupa achalupa@waukeeschools.org 6338 Blog
Andrea Cox acox1@waukeeschools.org 6327 Blog
Stephanie Bolten sbolten@waukeeschools.org 2316 Blog
Stacie Tigges stigges@waukeeschools.org 6325 Blog
Amy Winter awinter@waukeeschools.org 6523 Blog
Third Grade
Adam Bockenstendt abockenstedt@waukeeschools.org 2456 Blog
Jessica Fraser jfraser@waukeeschools.org 2102 Blog
Abby McClure amcclure@waukeeschools.org 6336 Blog
Angie McMullen amcmullen@waukeeschools.org 6347 Blog
Temple Netten tnetten@waukeeschools.org 6334 Blog
Sierra Smith ssmith@waukeeschools.org 2682 Blog
Fourth Grade
Amanda Bennett abennett@waukeeschools.org 6344 Blog
Anne Brodersen abrodersen@waukeeschools.org 2327 Blog
Mackenzie Dolezal mdolezal@waukeeschools.org 2472 Blog
Cara Ford cford@waukeeschools.org 6345 Blog
Abby Luehmann aluehmann@waukeeschools.org 2301 Blog
Fifth Grade
Ryan Antolik rantolik@waukeeschools.org 2281 Blog
Caryn Cruse ccruse@waukeeschools.org 6350 Blog
James Madden jmadden@waukeeschools.org 6351 Blog
Kelsey McDonald kmcdonald@waukeeschools.org 2584 Blog
John Owens jowens@waukeeschools.org 2216 Blog
Special Education
Nicole Hildebrand nhildebrand@waukeeschools.org 7403 Blog
Megan Mahoney mmahoney@waukeeschools.org 2583 Blog
Kizzie Ryerson kryerson@waukeeschools.org 2399 Blog
Mary Stang mstang@waukeeschools.org 2498 Blog
Allison Zahnle azahnle@waukeeschools.org 2245 Blog
Jessica Bergman jbergman@waukeeschools.org Blog
Reading Lab
Amy Kearns akearns@waukeeschools.org 2077 Blog
Stephany Messer smesser@waukeeschools.org 6363 Blog
Allison Prohaska aprohaska@waukeeschools.org 6328 Blog
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Suzanne Myers-Laird smyerslaird@waukeeschools.org 6348 Blog
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Lisa Rutz lrutz@waukeeschools.org 6374 Blog
Related Arts
Art – Kasey Moon kmoon@waukeeschools.org 2422 Blog
Computers – Jason Dean jdean@waukeeschools.org 2190 Blog
Library – Leann Matlage lmatlage@waukeeschools.org 6364 Blog
Music – Kathy Seiberling kseiberling@waukeeschools.org 2324 Blog
Music –Nella Thomas-Locker jthomas@waukeeschools.org 2419 Blog
Band – Rob Graziano rgraziano@waukeeschools.org 6372 Blog
Physical Education – Steve Dreyer sdreyer@waukeeschools.org 6367 Blog
Physical Education – Justin Schmauss jschmauss@waukeeschools.org 2639 Blog


560 Southeast University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Phone 515.987.5161
Fax 515.987.2701