Waukee Community School District (CSD) has created a brand/logo usage guide with the intent to clarify and maintain the management of official district brand elements/logos.

This guide is intended to be a resource for individuals and/or groups considering or currently leading a district-related or associated activity.  By providing guidelines for brand usage, our goal is to create a consistent, identifiable, and respected brand presence. In order to accomplish this, it is important that all District-associated groups respect and follow these guidelines. This document will be made readily available to the public and, as such, we expect it to be followed.

Our hope is this guide will streamline branding questions and resources to offer each group choices and direction for promoting their activities.



All Waukee CSD activity organizations—both District-Sponsored/Affiliate and registered Non-District-Sponsored—are required to follow the Waukee CSD brand guidelines for use on uniforms, signs, apparel, website, collateral, and any other promotional products. Organizations are also required to work with WCSD Approved Vendors for the production of promotional materials using Waukee CSD branding. All Waukee CSD Approved Vendors are provided brand guidelines and have been given exclusive permission to use WCSD district and activities logos. If you wish to work with a vendor that is not currently on the Approved Vendor List, please refer them to the Waukee CSD Vendor Application and Approval Process. To produce products bearing the marks of Waukee CSD, manufacturers and vendors must be a licensee of the district.

The Waukee CSD Trademark Licensing Program helps protect and promote our brand by ensuring that the public can properly identify and associate the district’s name and logos with officially licensed products that have been approved by the district. The district requires that all members of the community (faculty, students, staff, and alumni), as well as all external manufacturers and vendors, obtain approval before producing any product that displays the Waukee CSD name or logos.

To get started, click on the link below to download an application. The application contains instructions on how to complete the application phase of licensing as well as information that licensees will need to retain throughout the course of the licensing process.

 All licensees are required to remit royalty reports and payments on a quarterly basis to Waukee CSD. Waukee CSD has established a royalty rate of 10% of the wholesale price of an individual product.